Parisa Accessory Bangs:

I decided to make some accessory bangs for you guys since I don’t have time for posepacks at the moment. These are from @teanmoon original hairstyle, Parisa. They are lovely for curly hairstyles. I hope you like them!!  🙂

About these bangs:

  • BGC
  • found in hat category
  • toddler – elder
  • non-textured; will take the texture of the hairstyle used
  • mix & match to create interesting new hairstyles!
  • not hat compatible
  • disabled for random
  • custom thumbnails


  • These bangs will NOT work for every single hairstyle
  • The bangs work for more hairstyles than the amount shown in pictures (I’m just lazy & don’t want to take tons of screenies)
  • With darker hairstyles, some of the clipping is not noticeable
  • They work better with hairstyles that don’t already have bangs
  • There may be small clipping with certain hairstyles
  • Don’t work for very short hairstyles

Download (SFS)    –    Adult

Download (SFS)    –    Child 

Download (SFS)    –    Toddler 

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