Farming Poses:

This pose pack was an anon request. The request itself wasn’t very specific, they just requested for “farm poses”. Hopefully this falls into that category. Oh, and also, I think this could work for the I’m a lover challenge, if I remember right there’s a generation that’s on a farm, or something like that. So, yeah.

About this pack:

  • 6 single poses
  • 2 single poses in tractor
  • 3 group poses
  • 2 group poses in tractor: 1 for adult + child & 1 for 2 adults
  • 1 group pose for 2 kids + 1 toddler + 1 adult
  • rake accessory for right hand 
  • shovel accessory for right hand
  • custom thumbnails

What you’ll need:

Download (SFS)

Let me know if there’s any issues & feel free to tag me if you use my poses 🙂