Historical Poses:

Another anon request. A big thanks to @sims-and-sensibility for the help with the reference images, you were a great help. Everyone should go check their blog out to see some pretty cool historical gameplay.

For this one I felt like most of the images out there were usually portrait-like, but I already did one pose pack like that HERE so I wanted to do something different, and that’s how I ended up with these random poses that could fit into the historical theme.

For the future, I’ll require these type of requests to be made including reference images or at least more details regarding the actual pose pack, because I spent way too long on this one.

About this pack:

  • 3 couple poses
  • 5 single poses
  • modified sword accessory included (for the knighting)
  • custom thumbnails

What you’ll need:

Other cc used:

Download (SFS)

Let me know if there’s any issues.