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Sims 4 Custom Content Creator – Pose Maker

— 4 December, 2018

Vampire Hunter Posepack:

I should have made these for simblreen but I guess the situation we’re in right now counts as spooky too, so here we are.

These were requested by @xsavannahx987 to be made along with pose accessories.

About this pose pack:

  • 7 single poses: 4 for vampire hunter, 3 for vampire
  • 2 couple poses
  • cross accessory
  • stake accessory for each hand
  • In-Game
  • custom thumbnails

What you’ll need:

Download (SFS)

Buy me a coffe☕

— 12 September, 2018
— 1 September, 2018

“See! You’re a natural” Posepack:

Hello lovely people! School’s been intense these past 2 weeks and it’s about to get worse. Yikes! But today I bring you this posepack that was a request from @angelisims . I’m excited to see what she does with it in her story 👀👀👀

Any issues with any of my poses, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix them.

About this pose pack:

  • 1 single pose for adult
  • 5 couple poses for adults
  • In-Game
  • custom thumbnails
  • boxing gloves are not required but you can get them here

What you’ll need:

Download (SFS)

— 12 August, 2018
— 8 August, 2018


This posepack is a commission for @ilovesaramoonkids

Credits to @teakoya for the 2 stretching poses that I recreated in this pack.

About this pose pack:

·        8 single poses for adult

·        both CAS and In-Game

·        custom thumbnails

·        poses rotate in CAS

·        dog lover trait

·        Needs Cats & Dogs (to use the trait)

·        the stretching poses don’t work well in CAS (arms get caught off screen)

What you’ll need:

·        Teleport Any Sim Mod

·        Andrew’s Pose Player

Download (SFS)     –     In-Game

Download (SFS)     –     CAS          ( Dog Lover Trait )

Let me know if there’s any issues

— 2 August, 2018


This is another commission for @ilovesaramoonkids. More CAS poses for tots. This is  an updated version of THESE poses. These are perfect for lookbooks and modeling.

Credits to @teakoya for 2 of the poses in this pack that I made for toddlers.

About this pose pack:

  • 16 single NEW poses + other 15 from HERE
  • 31 poses in total for CAS
  • 16 poses In-Game (other 15 are HERE)
  • custom thumbnails
  • poses rotate in CAS
  • better placement to allow for zooming in CAS
  • inquisitive trait

What you’ll need:

Download (SFS)     –     CAS          ( Inquisitive Trait )


Download (SFS)     –     In-Game

— 22 June, 2018

Tango No.2:

So a while back I made some tango poses and promised I’ll eventually release a second part, and here it is. I find making dancing poses very enjoyable, and I know some of you are very fond of dancing poses… looking at you @maladi777 😉 I trust that you’ll make good use of these

In case you’re curious… Tango No.1

About this pose pack:

  • 8 couple poses
  • 2 adults/teens/elders
  • In-Game
  • custom thumbnails

What you’ll need:


Download (SFS)